An affordable educational gaming app

Nubian Smarts (PTY) LTD

We are a 100% black female owned company that strives to improve the educational experience of all South African children, by creating mobile applications that are dedicated towards making learning fun. This will be done by:
Incorporating the current South African curriculum into the applications that we create.
The core focus of the company is in developing easy to use and fun applications that allow the children to be able to practice the key concepts that are taught in school

What We Believe

Deliver exceptional results through teamwork: We value our culture of participation and building resilient partnerships across our organization and within our community.

What We Stand For

Dedicated to empowering the communities in which operate: In a spirit of Ubuntu we are what we are because of the communities in which we come from, so it is in that spirit that we endeavor to empower the people in the organization and those that the organization interacts with.