An affordable educational gaming app


Vision Statement:
Our Vision is to be the number one source for educational solutions for the African child, thus preparing them for a brighter tomorrow.

Nubian Smarts is driven by the passion to produce quality educational solutions that have the African child at the core.

Our Excellence:
We strive to provide creative and interactive solutions into the South African classroom. We endeavor to develop mobile applications that are not only educational but also fun for the children.

Nubian Smarts Organizational Values:
Passion for the future of tomorrow:
Act like an owner in everything we do, we are committed to bringing creative solutions to the issues that are facing our educational system. We are passionate about working with the community in order to ensure that we bring a brighter future to our children.
Integrity in everything we do:
We aim to provide sustainable solutions by holding ourselves to the highest ethical and performance standards. We strive for equity and fairness in how we treat each other and the community which we serve.
Deliver exceptional results through teamwork:
We value our culture of participation and building resilient partnerships across our organization and within our community.
Dedicated to empowering the communities in which operate:
In a spirit of Ubuntu we are what we are because of the communities in which we come from, so it is in that spirit that we endeavor to empower the people in the organization and those that the organization interacts with.

An affordable educational gaming app